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Toyota Dethrones Volkswagen from its Biggest Car Group by Sales Position

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Published on : Oct 26, 2015

Toyota Motor has recovered its title as the biggest company in the world by sales, thwarting Volkswagen as the German manufacturer struggles with the adversity that has resulted from the emissions scandal.

In the first half of 2015, Volkswagen was ahead of Toyota in terms of global sales, which threatened to end the Japanese car maker’s position as the top selling car maker in the world, which it reigned for three years.

In the nine months of 2015 that ended in September, Toyota sold only 7.49 m vehicles, of which 5.85 m were outside Japan. In the same period, Volkswagen sold 7.43 m vehicles. In the first six months of 2015, the number of Toyota vehicles sold were 5.02 m in comparison to 5.04 m Volkswagen vehicles. However, for both the companies, based on a year-on-year analysis, sales drop were observed to be 1.5% for the nine months.

The reversal of the situation could prove as the tip of the iceberg for Volkswagen, the German carmaker, which is grappling the worst scandal in the 78-year history of the company. This is on account of the manipulation of emissions test data for the carmaker’s diesel vehicles in Europe and the U.S.

As per Volkswagen’s statement, so far sales have not been impacted due to the scandal. On the contrary sales of Volkswagen have increased in the nine month period, including in September in which the scandal broke, sales of Volkswagen were recorded to have risen 7.3% and 3.8% in the United States and Europe respectively.

Volkswagen spokesperson further stated that consumers were aware of the manipulation of the emission tests data for only about two weeks, which minimized impact on sales. In fact the drop in sales in the first nine months of 2015 reflect slowdown in emerging markets, with China recording 5.2% drop in sales and Brazil recording a sales drop of 33.4%