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Top Trends Defining Global Blood Collection Tubes Market: Heparin Tubes, EDTA Tubes to be Popular ones

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Published on : Mar 23, 2016

Considering the growing medical concerns, accidents, and other illnesses, more and more people are being donating blood to the needy. Blood donation has become a regular activity for many and thus, many blood donation camps are being set up by medical institutes and hospitals at various locations across the world. The increasing concerns about the spread of various infectious diseases through donated blood has increased the demand for blood and blood products. 

The demand for blood collection tubes such as plasma separation tubes, heparin tubes, EDTA tubes, serum separating tubes, and rapid serum tubes is expected to increase in the years to come. Some of the tubes can also be used for urine collection and as serum separation tubes. Due to the rising aging population and the increasing prevalence of diseases, the global blood collection tubes market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming few years. 

What would Boost Demand for Blood Collection Tubes?

  • Demand for blood is constantly on the rise and is expected to be on the higher side in the years to come. With this, more blood donation camps are expected to be arranged across various nations.
  • The number of people undergoing surgeries is expected to increase in the next few years.  
  • The demand for EDTA tubes and heparin tubes is expected to increase from the medical centers.
  • To support patients, many nations are expanding the coverage of healthcare so as to maximize treatment facilities. 

While the cost of blood handling tools and blood collection equipment is a major concern, the global blood collection tools market is predicted to be propelled by the untapped market and the many growth opportunities that are present worldwide. New players are expected to establish their business with their set of blood collection devices to contribute towards the growth of the global blood collection devices market. 

Every year, millions of units of donated blood is used in necessary transplantation, surgeries, accident victims, and cancer therapies. With the growing prevalence of diseases, blood is expected to be a major biological sample, used for diagnostic purposes. Collection and storage of blood in proper tubes is essential for diagnostics and for transfusion procedures. Going forward, the demand for blood collection tubes and devices is expected to increase at a rapid pace.