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Top Four Reasons for Growth of Global Smart and Interactive Textile Market

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Published on : Feb 03, 2016

The textiles industry in the world is one of the largest and the oldest industries in the world. It is imperative to the economy and to the employment of the established as well as the emerging economies. A booming segment of the global textile industry is the smart and interactive textile market, which caters to a very niche requirement. These advanced textiles are being engineered with electronic components for reasons such as monitoring health, recording actuation and response, communication, and heat management. Smart and interactive textiles are being popularly used in the defense industry, the sports industry, the fitness industry, and the medical industry. 

Four Aspects Driving Global Smart and Interactive Textile Market

  1. The global smart and interactive textiles industry is likely to grow due to increasing demand from the transportation industry and the medical and healthcare industry. The rising investment in both of these sectors is likely to propel this market. 
  2. The need for measuring heating of seats and heart rate will accelerate the demand for smart and interactive textiles in the transportation industry. Furthermore, the demand for smart belts and steering wheels will also drive the growth of this market. Additionally, the growth of transportation industry will also lead to a good growth rate of the global smart and interactive textiles market.
  3. Smart fabrics are also being used with wearable electronics as they can be miniaturized with electronic materials to create a functioning blend of technology and textile. In recent years, these textiles are increasingly being used for making fashionable clothing and sportswear. 
  4. The advantages of smart textiles to “think for themselves” and compute the necessary record and output will make them ubiquitous in the years to come. Currently, smart and interactive fabrics are being used for making safety and protection gear, fashion, and other convenience applications. 

The only hindrance in global smart and interactive textiles market is the high cost of these fabrics when compared to the traditional ones. However, the growing research and development and technological advancements do bring a ray of hope for reasonable pricing in the future.

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