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Top 4 Trends in European Tea Market, Automation in Tea Plucking to Resolve Labor Shortages

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Published on : Mar 31, 2016

The global tea market is fuelled by the increasing health benefits related to tea consumption and the flavonoid antioxidant content in selected types of tea.  In addition, the increasing opportunities in employment and the economic benefits generated via the tea industry are also augmenting the growth of the market. In addition, the rising demand for green tea in beauty and skin treatment is a key opportunity in the growth of the global market for tea. 

The key growth trends in the European tea market are:

  • Rising Awareness of Health Benefits of Tea in Europe: The tea market is especially flourishing in the European region owing to the fact that European consumers are looking for healthier, natural, and authentic products and have become more conscious about their health. This is why, a large number of distributors have been utilizing tag lines such as ‘green tea, good for digestion’. Herbal and green tea are healthier as compared to black tea. The market for whole-leaf tea, black tea, and loose tea is soaring within the European region.
  • Premium Teas within Specialty Shops and Mainstream Teas within Supermarkets: The consumers as well as the EU industry demand for cheap tea. Also, there is a rise in the demand for single estate teas and loose tea. A large number of consumers brought these quality teas within specialty stores as well as out of home markets. The premium tea isn’t generally sold by supermarkets.
  • The Proliferation of New Shapes and Materials in Tea Bags in Europe: There has been an increasing demand for high-quality convenience products. The conventionally used paper sachets are now replaced by bags manufactured of non-woven commercially compostable, nylon, and certified biodegradable materials. Moreover, the pyramid-shaped tea bags are being highly demanded resulting in increased opportunity for whole-lead tea for creating a tastier and better tea.
  • Automation in Process of Tea Plucking Resolves Labor Shortages: Since the start, tea plucking has been a manual process and this is why a number of tea growers are presently coping up with urbanization and labour shortages. Hence, the primary trend in tea technology is the industrial automation of plucking as well as drying. This process is swifter and offers more advantages. 

Thus, these key trends in the European tea market will further bring in new opportunities in the market, hence augmenting the growth of the market in Europe.