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Top 4 Growth Trends in Packaging, Rising Focus on Clean Labeling

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Published on : Mar 02, 2016

The upcoming trends in packaging will further evolve the industry by 2016 and include emphasis on concise and clear labeling, neoteric near-field communication technology, and digital evolution. It has been predicted that a huge amount of personalization along with improved mobile capacity and further improvement in ‘green’ products will boost the market for packaging.

  • The Emergence of ‘Digital’: Coca-Cola’s success in ‘Share of Coke’ initiative, which aided in reversing an over 12-year decline in sales has provided a window for digital printing and has also created opportunities for brands for the engagement of consumers on a personal, local, and emotional level. It has been seen that one-fifth of millennials in the U.S. have been looking for personalized or custom packaging while a number of Chinese consumers are willing to expend more on personalized soft drink packaging. Thus, digital printing holds a share of 10% in the market for packaging decoration.
  • Increased Flexibility: The use of flexible packaging took a flight between 2010 and 2014. A number of companies have been introducing a number of new products such as pouches, etc. to gain the attention of consumers. These products are a combination of environmental benefits, enable increased shelf life of products packed in them, and provide better overall functionality.
  • Clean Labelling: Though packaging is a substantial way of conveying prime brand information, consumers also wary too much information on the pack. This results in confusion while purchasing the required products. Thus, concise and clear information on the ingredients and safety and convenience should be communication with utter transparency.
  • Emergence of Reusable Substitutes: A focus on substitute packaging material sources has been given by a number of brands keeping in mind especially the American consumers for whom repurposable or reusable packaging is a top most purchasing driver. In cases wherein the product quality and product price are equal, consumers will be giving preference to these reusable substitutes and they can emerge as purchasing factors.

Hence, the coming future of the global packaging industry is targeted on the areas such as efficient and flexible packaging machines, operation optimization, sustainable environment-friendly packaging along with lightweight and cost-effective packaging. Hence, the market for packaging is poised to flourish further in the coming years.