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Top 3 Opportunities and Trends to be Seen in the Canned Food Sector, Chilled Foods Market, and Nutraceuticals Industry in 2016

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Published on : Feb 10, 2016

The year 2015 was about fads such as Greek yogurt as well as fermented food and 2016 will see new trends coming along. It has been predicted that 2016 will include gourmet heritage cuisine, snacking boxes, savory desserts, and artisan olive. Thus, it has been anticipated that gourmet, artisanal, and DIY will emerge as buzzwords within the food sector in forthcoming years.

  • Increasing Demand for BPA-Free to Intensify owing to Rising Demand for Clean-Label: Although, the consumers within some countries are preferring preserved and canned foods in comparison to fresh food, still there are rising number of concerns on BPA owing to the can trend prevalent in food. A number of consumers are already pressurizing the key brands globally to include safer substitutes to chemicals utilized in preserved as well as canned foods. It is predicted that a number of emerging countries will have this trend prevalent in the coming years.
  • Rising Demand for Nutraceuticals: The rising demand for nutraceuticals will be seen as wellness foods enable both pharmaceutical companies as well as food manufacturers in reworking their synergies and to enter a fresh business space. On the other hand, the strict regulatory environment within the industry of nutraceuticals along with the depleting confidence of consumers for synthetic ingredients will facilitate enhanced labeling and compliance on the companies’ part within this market.
  • Growing Demand for Convenience Food Products to Raise Demand for Deli and Chilled Foods:  Due to the adoption of western eating habits and lifestyles by the consumers of urbanized nations, the demand for chilled and deli foods will rise exponentially in the coming years. On the other hand, a number of companies will have to reduce the utilization of synthetic ingredients and will have to exhibit enhanced commitment for clean labels. Owing to the rising expansion of hypermarkets and supermarkets within numerous emerging nations, the chilled and deli foods market is poised to rise in the coming years.

Thus, a number of new trends will penetrate in the canned food sector, chilled foods market, and nutraceuticals industry. In addition, the increasing trend towards artisanal beverages and food as well as gourmet food will expand across newer areas. Furthermore, conventional dishes and traditional cuisine will experience a gourmet touch in forthcoming years.