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Top 3 Growth Opportunities in Global Gluten-Free Food Market

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Published on : Jul 05, 2016

The increasing count of people having gluten sensitivity as well as celiac disease is a major factor fuelling the market for gluten-free foods. The gluten-free diet is also related with the overall health and weight management of individuals, further augmenting the demand for this diet. This market stood at US$2.8 bn in 2014 and is predicted to touch US$4.9 bn by 2021, by expanding at a 7.70% CAGR between 2015 and 2021.

  • Potein Zein to Provide Lucrative Opportunity: For past some years, a number of researchers have been putting in efforts to improve the taste of gluten-free bakery products including breads, etc. It is know that gluten comprises a structural property for forming an elasticized network when it is combined with water and this improves the taste of cakes as well as breads. Thus, the absence of this crucial component within gluten-free breads manufactured out of grains including buckwheat and rice results in an inferior taste.

To overcome this problem, Italian scientists named Virna Cerne and Ombretta Polenghi have come up with a way of forming the elasticized network just as in case of gluten within gluten-free bakery items by utilizing a protein zein. Protein zein is present in corn and in favorable conditions such as temperature, pH, moisture, this protein makes an elasticized network just like the one within gluten. This development is as of now under research, but once it gets commercially available, it will be a huge opportunity providing sumptuous gluten-free substitutes.

  • Europe Gluten-Free Food Market, A Key Growth Opportunity for Global Market: The prime regions dominant in the global gluten free food market are Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Europe. On the basis of volume and revenue, the Europe gluten-free food market emerged as the largest market.  This is owing to the rising awareness on gluten intolerance and the increasing promotions of gluten-free food items in this region.
  • Increasing Count of Patients with Celiac Disease to Boost North America Gluten-Free Food Market: On the other hand, North America has emerged as the most swiftly developing market for gluten-free food market. This is owing to the growing count of patients having Celiac disease and the increasing initiatives taken by governments within the North American nations for promoting gluten-free food products.