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To Undertake High-End Commercial Projects, Proxim Wireless Chosen by Dubai Investments Park

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Published on : Oct 20, 2015

Proxim Wireless Corporation, a pioneer and worldwide leader in cutting edge Wi-Fi, point-to-point (PtP), and point-to-multipoint (PtMP) radio frameworks, has reported that Dubai Investments Park (DIP) has chosen Proxim's Tsunami point-to-multipoint radio systems With Proxim, DIP has actualized a high-limit wireless system to bolster its superior quality (HD) video security framework. Spread across more than 2300 hectares, Dubai Investments Park is an independent, blended use complex that is furnished with world-class offices and administrations for manufacturing, academic, residential, logistic purposes, and development, and research. DIP comprises of three noteworthy zones: commercial, industrial, and residential.

These edifices envelop everything from distribution centers and cutting edge industry offices to showrooms, retail outlets, and private infrastructure, making it essentially a city-inside of a-city. DIP needed a rapid, practical system to empower video security for interruption discovery and checking purposes. Utilizing a wireless system was the conspicuous decision for a fast, minimal effort organization. Taking after an intricate assessment and aggressive testing procedure, TechSource, the specialized arm of Dubai Investments PJSC, which entirely claims DIP, chose Proxim's Tsunami multipoint radios for their convenience and unparalleled quality. 

The multipoint radios are introduced over the private zone of the recreation center and total live nourish from 6 settled ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) cameras and 40 HD closed circuit televesions (CCTV) cameras to a focal checking station. The President and CEO of Proxim Wireless, named Greg Marzullo stated that the demand for networks having high-speed for video backhaul keeps on becoming vigorously robust, especially now as the video scene is changing from HD to 4K. 

Individuals are progressively swinging to camcorders to convey an extensive variety of advantages, for instance, resource insurance, intrusion identification, remote medicinal diagnostics, distance learning, and traffic monitoring to give some examples. As organizations multiply and move to 4K, clients are expecting more from their systems. Proxim's exclusive items are perfect to fulfill the levels of popularity of these clients.