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Tizen-powered TVs, New Launch by Samsung

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Published on : Feb 05, 2015

The electronics giant from South Korea has initiated sales of televisions that are powered by their internally developed operating system, Tizen.

Samsung Electronics said that the sales of their new UHD TVs that run on Tizen will begin on Thursday. Sales will start in South Korea. The new TVs come in four sizes. The smallest TV costs US$5,047. The TV dimensions will range from 55 inches to 88 inches diagonally.

The announcement of the new televisions was made in 2014 during a trade show in Las Vegas.  This market move by Samsung is a part of its expansion of Tizen into major electronic aspects of the living rooms of consumers. Their plan is to introduce Tizen slowly into kitchens and other rooms as well.

The head of business at Samsung, Kim Hyun-seok, stated that every Internet-connected TV made by Samsung will be powered by Tizen from this year on. Other consumer goods that will have Tizen incorporated into them are washing machines, robotic vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators.

Samsung had earlier made a collaboration with Intel Security to boost the security of their Tizen smartphones. Intel Security, in a recent research, revealed the manipulation done by legitimate mobile apps and services that could play an important part in the growing number of mobile malware.

Samsung said this need for added security options gave users the advantage of detecting threats from across various operating systems, something which they said is being a necessity now. The latest versions of McAfee Mobile Security for Android phones, iOS and Tizen will enable users to run security scans and privacy settings instantly. It will also allow users to conveniently remove apps that could possibly be a threat to vital data stored in phones.