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Tinier, Cost Effective Microsoft Tablet Clears FCC Regulations

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Published on : Jul 04, 2018

Microsoft is working on a 10-inch Surface-branded tablet, according to a new U.S. Federal Communications Commission filling. The filling, which was first spotted by WinFuture‘s Roland Quandt, corroborates a recent Bloomberg report that said Microsoft plans to release a more affordable $400 variant of its Surface Pro two-in-one.

Microsoft had used both ARM-based and Intel’s low-powered x86 architecture on its low-cost Surface in the past. The Surface RT debuted with an ARM-based Nvidia Tegra processor, but it failed to take off since it was not capable of running the full version of Windows 8 at the time. For the Surface 3, Microsoft switched to a low-powered Intel processor, which brought full Windows 8.1 support to the hardware, but users complained about the sluggish performance of the processor compared to faster mainstream Intel Core i-series chipsets.

The FCC filing refers to the product as Model 1824 and doesn’t have any mention of updates or changes to an existing certified device, which rules out the chance of a mere update or reconfiguration of existing Surface tablets, and cements this as a new hardware product.

Within the documents, there is a previously-unheard of battery from the same manufacturers that handled the last generation Surface Pro batteries, further hinting at a new product in the Surface line.

There’s also mention of a 24W power supply – two-thirds the power of the existing 36W supply for the Surface Pro - which heavily suggests this is a more lightweight and economical tablet.

With FCC certification under way, Microsoft could be targeting a launch ahead of the new academic year.