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Tie-Up between American Experts and GSK to Accelerate Research on AIDS Cure

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Published on : May 11, 2015

In the week earlier, it was decided by the UK based GlaxoSmithKline to retain its business of HIV drugs rather that floating the same off. The pharmaceutical giant has planned on collaborating with several scientists in the U.S. in order to come up with an effective cure for HIV AIDS. Till recently, most researchers were quite hesitant on discussing even probability of coming up with a cure for this deadly disease which has got almost 35 million persons infected all across the globe, with endless obstacles. 

However, after fighting a battle against HIV for almost three decades with the application of several anti-retroviral drugs, now there seems to be some hope about the possibility of a feasible cure for this disease. In 2007, the case of the “Berlin patient” for whom HIV was completely cured via the administration of leukemia treatment, had as a matter of fact, marked the very first cure for AIDS. 

What GlaxoSmithKline is doing presently, is exploit the ongoing expertise and skill set via the creation of a typical center for HIV Cure in collaboration with University of North Carolina located in Chapel Hill and also establish a brand new company on a joint basis. On Monday, the drug manufacturer stated that it will soon be investing an amount worth US$20 million which will be aimed at helping the fund work effectively for the initial 5 years. 

Scientists will also be evaluating several cure options which also include the strategy of “shock-and-kill” which was decided at the UNC. This has also unmasked the HIV that has been dormant in WBCs (White Blood Cells), which ensures that these get attacked by a strong immune system. This is most likely to bring about improvements in the long term.