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Tibets The Lhasa-Shigatse Railway Boosts Incense Industry

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Published on : Aug 13, 2014

After the completion of ‘The Lhasa-Shigatse Railway’in July, the machine will be put to use in the Tibet Autonomous Region.This opens many exchanges and opportunities between Tibet and the rest of China. 

The Tibetan incense makers in the NimuCounty will highly benefitfrom this railway system, as the county falls along the railway. The county is highly famous for Tibetan incense which was initiated 1300 years ago. Till date, the procedure still remains the same with Cedar wood being its basic ingredient. In industrial vehicles parlance, the wood is chopped into brick-like shapes and served into heavy machines to powder ground the materials. 

One of the Nimu’sfamous incense makers is Gyatsowho has been in this market for 30 years. Gyatso has consistently used his traditional secret recipe that includes herbs and 28 different ingredients.The machines used to make these powders are made of bulls’ horns that pulverize the materials well and leave it to dry, turning into incense sticks. Each production creates 30 sticks of incense which are often used in Buddhist monasteries and temples. These sticks are also ordered by Guangdong province now, said Gyatso. 

Due to the railways back in form and the train station being just 500 meters away from Gyatso’s home, his business grows every summer. He is thankful to the vehicles industry for such an initiative in Tibet. Now with the ‘The Lhasa-Shigatse Railway’ nearly in the finishing process, Gyatso and many similar Tibetans can unfold their businesses to the far reaches of China, only due to the new railway.

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