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Thompson Opens Long Chim at the Marina Bay Sands

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Published on : Mar 09, 2015

The Australian guru of Thai food situated in Bangkok has inaugurated his big and most awaited food restaurant Long Chim found in the Singapore Thai street. David Thompson has unofficially announced the restaurant in Singapore. Thompson was Asia’s Best increasingly persuading restaurant in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards in 2014. 

Long Chim is situated at Marina Bay Sands and is close to Australian Tetsuya Wakuda’s Waku Ghin. The latter is a semi-opened, warm up phase and has a complete line of assembled staff. The staff is typically expats which is a major problem for the Singaporean restaurant industry. 

Nevertheless, Long Chim is on training wheels situated at the hotel and gaming complex. The menu is slightly different of the traditional food that once made Thompson’s reputation at Nahm. Earlier, it embraced the impact of non-Thais, especially the Chinese. The food offered at Thompsons at present includes 11 larger dishes, betel leaves with dried ginger and prawns, stir-fried rice noodle with pork, sour orange curry of fish, and prawns and sriracha. The food is excellent and has a lot of varieties of heat levels. The prices are far more reasonable than the Singaporean resort standards. 

Moreover, the ambience and restaurant’s open graffiti and kitchen walls embraces the dining room feel when there are few guests sometimes, said the chef of the Bacchanalia restaurant. He was a part of Australian group at Long Chim on Sunday. 

The different chilli flavors and effects cooked using a variety of dried and fresh chillies gives an impressive texture to most of the dishes.  

For the chef at Thompson, he now has two options to set up his restaurant. One will be in Singapore and the other two in Hong Kong and Sydney. 

In the meantime, the Singapore restaurant will have lunches to follow and is expected to be open for dinner any day.

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