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This 3D Printer with an Eye and Brain is the Future of Manufacturing

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Published on : Jun 06, 2019

Few years ago, when 3D printing emerged, no one imagined that one day it would become a production tool. Here’s a start-up out of MIT, Inkbit that has developed a 3D printer with an eye and a brain. Yes, you heard that right. The founders of the company have used machine vision and machine learning to build a printer that can make production easy and quick.

3D printing has facilitated production of lighter, stronger, and more durable components. However, the catch here is that, the printers that exist in market today are able to achieve only one of these three aspects. Inkbit, on the other hand, promises to deliver all of these through one machine.

How does it Work?

The machine works using machine vision and machine learning. For instance, if we are printing a component with a chip in it, then the printer will carefully print around the chip. Upon finishing the product, it also saves a digital copy for quality check.

The founders of the company say that nobody else in the world has managed to develop a 3D printer that delivers on all three aspects – quality, speed, and precision.

Will Impact All Industries

At present, Inkbit has only machine that prints components. However, it aims to start selling products by the end of this year. To start with, it is working on a project with leading pharmaceutical brand Johnson & Johnson. Upon succeeding, it aims to start selling machines next year.

If the machine makes it to the market, and companies begin to start working out their requirements, then it could be a breakthrough in production. It will impact production of dental implants, medical devices, automotive components, and more. This could open a billion dollar business in the coming days.  

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