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The Hype Around Online Gaming and its Effects

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Published on : May 26, 2016

The gaming world has gone well beyond its days of people holed up on their desktops playing single-player games. Modern games are almost always connected to the Internet, where they are used to create a network of players that can either fight together or against each other across a vast number of platforms and gaming titles. Online games of today come with hundreds and thousands of users that log in daily for enjoyment and even for competitive purposes. International and regional tournaments for the top games have players coming from all over the world to battle to the top place, where they can enjoy popularity and massive prize pools. All this said, there is definitely a major buzz around the top online games in the world. Whether they are single-map plays such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or DotA 2, or endless massively multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft and all its expansions, the game developers know how to keep the users busy with the latest pixel playgrounds for hours.

Online Casinos Capture Older Audiences
While the young and the middle-aged are busy playing capture the flag, the elderly are another demographic being targeted by online game makers. One area where the geriatric love to swarm into are online casinos. Not only can players stand the chance to win real money, they can also enjoy their game time by interacting with the other players on the site. There are plenty of developers that are creating games that allow users to communicate with each, or even give or take online items or money. These sites have also spawned a bunch of bloggers and vloggers that either post their experiences on their websites, or on sites such as YouTube, or even stream their plays live on Twitch.

Female Gamers Increasing in Numbers
Most of the current titles will show you that a majority of the gamers around the world are males. Current game developers are making a conscious effort to make sure they include as wide a demographic as they can, without excluding or unintentionally angering the growing number of equality seekers. For example, Overwatch, the latest title released by Blizzard, had characters that a large female population took offence to due to her depiction. As a response, Blizzard modified the character to a more non-sexualized level and also added a new female character that was built around bodybuilding and physical strength.