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The First Clean Energy Project of Tidal Lagoon Triggers the Environmental Row

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Published on : Jun 01, 2015

A very huge and ambitious project, which is to build the first tidal lagoon across the globe, for the purpose of generating the clean electricity off the beautiful Swansea coast has started with an environmental row first on the south coast of Cornwall.

Moreover, a second row is also brewing, which is with a construction group of China in the pole position in order to win a very huge contract, which will undertake the  marine works at the Swansea Bay, even if the prominent promises stated by the developers to prioritize the local involvement.

The dispute centers at the Cornish, which are based on a project that is to reopen a quarry at the Dean near the St Kevergne based on the Lizard Peninsula, which is expected to provide at least three million tonnes of quantity of stone for the requirement of Swansea project.

Most of the residents in the St Kevergne and Dean, some of the ocean scientists and almost all the local candidates in the May’s general election have opposed the mentioned quarry scheme. Basically, the Cornish stone will be utilized in order to construct a six-mile long breakwater in the Swansea and they are hoping of generating substantial volumes of shipping in a recently-created zone of marine conservation.

The quarry project that is going in Cornwall has been proposed by the Shire Oak Quarries, which is a company that is led by the chief executive of the Tidal Lagoon Power Mark Shorrock, which is involved in the development of the Welsh energy scheme.

A Cornwall, which is against the campaign of Dean Super Quarry has already been set up and the senior lecturer in the natural environment, Gabriel Yvon-Durocher, who is at the University of Exeter, stated that the project was basically the first real test of what it actually means to be a Zone of Marine Conservation.