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The chemical giant - DuPont, expands the Shanghai R&D center

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Published on : Nov 06, 2013

The giant Delaware-based chemical maker named DuPont has doubled the size of its research-and-development center in Shanghai. This center will now house an additional 150 researchers that will focus on brand-new material applications in automotive materials, bio-based materials, and in solar energy.  


The center that accounts 250 researchers is situated in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, which is one of the China’s industrial parks exclusively dedicated to research and tech startups. 


At the Oct 28 opening ceremony for the center’s expansion, Ellen Kullman, DuPont Chairman and CEO said that, science is the core-engine that drives DuPont. DuPont is distinguished from other scientific companies because of the depth and breadth of our expertise and explicit ways to connect our talent to overcome the challenges of the 21st century, he added. 

In addition, the Shanghai research facility opened in 2005 plays a crucial role in the company’s global business strategy. The center delivers various research and related products that help to meet different local market needs. The Shanghai research center is one of the four major R&D centers located outside the U.S. for the company. It is officially known as E.I. du Pont de Nemours. 


DuPont Greater China president, Tony Su said in an official statement that the company sees potential growth and expansion in China because the Chinese government has been implementing the strategy of innovation-driven growth at a faster pace. William Provine, the director of DuPont science and technology external affairs also told China Daily that, investment will better leverage DuPont’s overall global integrated science capabilities in order to meet local requirements for energy, food, and protection. 


Nonetheless, this type of expansion is beneficial for China because it will not only allow more collaboration between the local governments and various companies and academics in China, but will also create science-based solutions for a better and a sustainable future, he added. According to DuPont, the expansion of the R&D center was pulled up by 17,500 square meters from a figure of 16,500 square meters. 


Today, the company’s key businesses in China have core markets including food and nutrition, agricultural chemicals, industrial and chemicals, in addition to nutrition and health, crop protection, titanium technologies and chemicals and many more. All the aspects inclusive of the addition of staff and the expansion of the R&D center have led DuPont’s other expansion in China. Growth is seen in China at a faster rate because the country’s rapid urbanization pace is driving and fulfilling local demands for convenient diets including meat proteins and dairy products. 


In July, DuPont opened a new probiotic blending and packaging in Beijing to provide the country’s rising demand for cultural products. However, earlier in 2012, DuPont had signed a multi-year lease agreement with the Beijing International Flower Port. This contract was signed to build a place for DuPont’s seed business that used its molecular breeding expertise to help develop high-yield maize hybrids and better farming conditions in China.


Nevertheless, Bill Niebur, DuPont vice-president shared a word saying, all the above is the further growth and extension of DuPont’s investment in global science and solutions to various problems related to the field of science and technology. 

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