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The Area of Spintronics to Undergo Phenomenal Change

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Published on : Mar 25, 2015

A team of researchers at Dublin’s Trinity College is making efforts towards developing a different type of a magnet, a permanent one. The team recently discovered a certain type of magnetic material which is based on the alloys of Mn-Ga. 

This alloy exhibits unique and rare characteristics which gives it the capacity for revolutionizing the storage of data and also substantially enhance the transmission speeds of wireless data. This discovery also led to the realization of a goal that researchers had for decades which entails the creation of a substance having no magnetic moment however has total spin polarization. 

When a material has zero magnetic moment, it means a measure of a magnet’s net strength. This is something that frees this material from the demagnetizing forces that it possesses. Also, this ensures that there are zero stray magnetic fields that get created. Another way of looking at zero moment is that it is basically immune to the effects of magnetic fields that are the external ones, as against the conventional ferromagnets. Thus, there can be no loss of radiation while there is the material’s magnetic switching. This is something which takes place when data is either being written or read. This property taken together with spin polarization denotes that this material will be very efficient in the area of spintronics. 

Spintronics refers to magnetized electrons’ electronics. Even though scientists and researchers have come to realize and understand the advantages of incorporating the “zero moment half metal”, no scientist hitherto could synthesize one. Over the years, there have been many that were proposed but could not really work out that well. 

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