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TezLab Plans to Add New Features to Attract Consumers

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Published on : Jun 18, 2019

Besides Tesla, only TezLab, a small startup in Brooklyn, can provide the best insights into Tesla’s international electric vehicles fleet. After two years of inception, the company is likely to hit the tipping point of its consumers. Its founders believe that this could be the milestone that could finally change its fortune. To achieve what it has planned, the company is adding a lot of new features to its portfolio.

TezLab, till now, is unheard of to a number of electric vehicle owners, especially the non-Tesla ones. However, Tesla owners, with their undying obsession for understanding the performance of their vehicles, are quite familiar with this name.

Monetization on the Back of Advancements

For a Tesla vehicle, TezLab is a Fitbit. It is a free app, using which, a Tesla owner can track the efficacy and total trip miles. Further, they can utilize it to control certain functions, such as air conditioning, heating, and locking and unlocking of the doors. The app even has a gamification piece, which allows its users to earn badges for each milestone or task they complete.

As a part of its long term plan that targets monetization, TezLab has begun to add new features in its app. It has already introduced one of the planned features, a crowd source data, such as Waze, to rate Tesla Supercharger stations and offer insights into them. This roll out is considered as the first phase of its plans to widen its social community.