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Teva Granted Permission to Market its Generic Migraine Medicine

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Published on : Jul 10, 2015

Israel-based pharmacy company Teva will be the first to have won approval to produce a generic form of the revered migraine drug Axert produced by Janssen. The generic medication produced by Teva will be sold in the United States.

The generic version of Axert produced by Teva is called Almotripan malate. Axert is known to treat migraine that does or does not induce aura as one of its many symptoms in adults and adolescents. Symptoms of migraine last at least for hours without medication.

Once Axert’s patent expires in November 2015, Teva will enjoy market exclusivity for its new offering in the migraine market.  Migraine is known to affect at least 6% of American men and at least 18% of American women.

Nearly 90 per cent of the people suffering from migraine find it difficult to carry on with their normal work or other functions during the time migraine symptoms are being experienced. Before an actual attack of migraine, the sufferer may also face symptoms of aura, a condition that leads to confusion, blurred vision, and difficulty in communicating. Migraine may also induce symptoms such as moderate to severe headache, sensitivity to noise and light and nausea.

Teva, the largest pharmaceutical company of Israel, has been at the forefront of production of generic alternatives to blockbuster medicines, but has been unable to extend the patent for Copaxone, its proprietary medicine for multiple sclerosis. Once Copaxone goes off patent, it will inevitably be subjected to generic imitation.

Teva is hoping to reduce this risk by taking over the competitive company Mylan, which is in turn trying to overtake the company Perrigo. Teva also recently raised its buyout deal for Mylan to $43 billion.