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Tesla Motors Inc. Discloses Snakebot Autocharger Prototype

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Published on : Aug 07, 2015

Tesla finally disclosed its snake-like automated charger that was willingly shared on Twitter. 

Tesla Motors Inc. last December tweeted that the company was struggling to roll out an automated charger. The video was shared from the account this Thursday that exhibited the invention is strange and fascinating. However, no one had the idea what the leader was talking about. 

Mr. Musk shared a video as well as tweeted and said does seem kinda wrong. Tesla snake autocharger prototype. 

The robotic charger is at present in the testing phase. However, the company said it could work on the Model S – a premium sedan on the road. The description provided for how the charger works is extremely ambiguous. 

The charging port of the model instantly opens upon the snake charger sensing the charging point nearby. The technology is exactly similar to how the vehicle’s door handle senses the driver moving towards the vehicle with the keys and the door automatically opens. 

The company has not given many details about this upcoming new automated charger. The charger is expected to find its application in more than 480 supercharger stations across the U.S.   

Tesla is a technology company and the latest developments in the market just prove its worth. The company recently launched three brand new variants of the Model S. One of them is the Ludicrous version that accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. The other model is another affordable that costs $70,000.

The fledging EV Company delivers 12,000 units of Model X and S that are expected for a disclosure later this year. The SUV is expected with a falcon-wing instead of swinging out.  

However, this technology and development is not the only one intriguing. Volkswagen AG (ADR) named as VW e-smartConnect could recharge a car with ease and precision. This model was launched last month.