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Published on : Jul 31, 2017

Tesla Model 3 has been prognosticated to break the legacy of electric cars, including Model X and Model S, by necessitating owners to rely on their phones to start or access the car. Without having the need to carry a physical key, owners could use the standard Bluetooth low energy (LE) facility in their smartphones to transmit a digital key that the car has been designed to accept. For valet access or as a backup, the electric car could unlock the door with a touch on B-pillar using a near-field communication (NFC) card and be started with another touch between the front seats.

While Tesla has not mentioned any mechanical means of accessing Model 3 when its battery is fully drained, the problem is prophesied to be unlikely, given the car’s large battery size and power requirements of Bluetooth LE.

Keyless Start Provided by Model 3 Presumably Not New

There are other car companies that also offer a keyless start, however, under the requirement of providing a charge with a pocket device, called fob, that transmits a distinctive radio signal. This signal asks the car to unlock doors and turn it on. The novelty of accessing an electric car with the help of a smartphone is not new either. Car2Go by Daimler, Maven by GM, and other short-term car rental services have already tapped into the innovation of allowing car owners to access their automobile via a phone app. Last February, NXP had announced it has been working with five automakers to facilitate owners with a programmed device, mostly an NFC chip for door handles, to unlock their cars.