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Tell People the Facts Behind Ill Effects of Tobacco Use it Still Helps in Wanting them to Quit Smoking

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Published on : May 21, 2014

Researchers have found out that letting people know about the ardent truths and detailed facts about the harms of tobacco on human health is still as effective in motivating them to quit smoking as ever – that people still find these facts novel and stirring. 

The study states that the tobacco industry has always deceived the public by letting them know little amongst the actual effects of tobacco on human health. It has always denied of tobacco use or smoking being addictive or dangerous. 

The study mentions that when factual information about dangers of tobacco use or smoking is given to smokers, they are motivated to quit smoking. Also, the groups that are prone to getting easily targeted by the tobacco industry have found the corrective information quite rousing. 

These groups are women, low-income people, Latinos and Afro Americans. 

The study proposes that the sooner we let people know these facts about the lies this industry has been imposing upon them, the more smokers will start quitting tobacco. 

The study experimented this on some 1,404 smokers from a wide array of ethnic, age, gender and income groups. Of these between one-half to one-third participants stated that a lot of the corrective information was new to them.

Novel information about this industry imbibed a feeling of outrage amongst the participants and many were found to be motivated to quit smoking. 

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