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Telemedicine: Are we Ready for it?

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Published on : Mar 22, 2016

One of the more innovative and trending concepts in modern medicine is telemedicine. Think of it as a remote call between one doctor and multiple patients. The call can happen with or without video in play. This means that telemedicine is like traditional medical practice, but with the help of telecommunication devices. This provides a valuable link between doctors and patients while helping both parties save tons of time and money. Patients do not need to wait in line, spend for the commute and can do it at much more flexible times than taking conventional appointments. Telemedicine is taking over general medical practice so much that it is soon to become a standard method of conducting medical practice. As long as both sides have an internet connection and a way to establish communication with each other, telemedicine can be conducted. But the jury still seems to be out on whether we are ready for a full-blown convergence into telemedicine.

Adopting Modern Consumer Practices
In terms of modern consumerism, practically everything is now available at the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen. As long as an action of consumption does not involve physically being present, it can be bought, sold, rented, or tried out through online portals that will deliver it at your doorstep. Similar effects can be achieved through telemedicine. Imagine taking an “appointment” with a physician, who can check your vitals using personal measurement tools that you have. If the doctor notices anything wrong, he or she could prescribe medicine to the patient, which can be paid for online and then delivered to the patient. Telemedicine could also play an important role in handling emergency medical situations.

Challenges Still Remain
One of the biggest challenges to the full usage of telemedicine is that people just do not have the capability of getting the necessary devices for it. This can be a problem of either expenses or of plain availability, but both reasons prohibit members from taking part on telemedicine. This applies to patients as well as medical organizations. Another problem that can be experienced is something that comes with every bit of technology: bugs and patch fixes. These can slow down treatment times or create unnecessary complications in the process.