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Telecommunication Sector: Current Top Performers

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Published on : Aug 05, 2015

The telecommunication industry is fast growing as many local and global players are introducing new products with their innovative ideas. The telecommunication and wireless industry is currently dominated by three key players, Chunghwa Telecom, VimpelCom, and America Movil SAB de CV. 

Chunghwa Telecom, ranks third in the list of current top three players of the telecommunication industry. Chunghwa Telecom offers telecommunication services mainly in regions of Taiwan. Local long distance calling services, broadband access, and local telephone services are offered by the local fixed communication business department of the company. The services of Chunghwa Telecom are visibly pushing the telecommunication industry in multiple localities of Taiwan. Good cash flow, expanding profit margins, and rise in the stock price has proved to be the major strengths of this company. 

Second in the list is VimpelCom Ltd., which provides telecommunication and wireless services in many countries across the world. The services are spread in countries including Algeria, Ukraine, Italy, Russy, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Bangladesh, and Russia. Irrespective of the weakness of lack of cash flow, the company is able to offer services in multiple areas across the globe. 

America Movil SAB de CV tops the list of top three players of the telecommunication and wireless industry. Along with Mexico, America Mevil SAB de CV offers telecommunication and wireless services in many other countries. Mobile voice and fixed voice are two of the major services offered by America Movil SAB de CV. Long distance calling services are offered to not only the local and domestic areas but also to international regions. Some other services that are spread internationally are public telephony services and network interaction. 

Thanks to so many new services and products that are being introduced by different players in local and international regions, the global telecommunication and wireless industry is expected to grow faster.