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Teenage that are Offered Cars, Money, or Holiday as Exam Incentives Fare Better

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Published on : Aug 12, 2014

According to a recent survey, receiving top marks in exam at A-level is not a big enough motivation for many sixth formers. The survey suggests that around 38 percent of students when offered a financial incentive fare better in their exams.

The results from the survey commissioned by the Leeds Metropolitan University which is ahead of A-level Results Day current week displayed that over one in every 10 students were offered a laptop. The same figure was offered a holiday. On the other hand, 11 percent of the students have been offered a car.

The number of published days before some of the three-hundred thousand teenagers in Wales, England, and Northern Ireland are set to collect their results for A-level exams. Also, the figures yesterday revealed that on an average the male students are generally offered more money than females as their exam incentives.

The survey also further explained that a thousand teenagers are currently waiting for their exam results. The average amount of money offered to male students was around 180 pounds, while female students on an average were 60 to 120 pounds behind their male students.

Also, the male students were offered more incentives than female students. On the other hand the amount of incentives varied dramatically, some students were offered around 2000 pounds for an A plus while 1500 pounds for an A grade.

However, it is not simply parents that are offering incentives. It was reported earlier this year, that some universities are offering benefits such as cash incentives to attract students.

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