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Technology to Prolong Shelf Life of Perishable Fruits and Vegetables

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Published on : May 07, 2018

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Himalayan Bio-resource Technology (IHBT) have come up with a new technology called “lifelisation.” It can enable horticulturists in the state to prolong the shelf life of perishable vegetables and fruits by almost six months. The technology, while not entirely new, has been introduced in India for the first time by the institute, informed Dr. Sanjay Kumar, the director of IHBT. He added that it has also been tweaked as per requirements of the vegetable and fruits market in the nation.

How the New Technology Called “Lifelisation” Works

This is how the technology works: the vegetables and fruits are cooled to such extreme low temperatures that the water content in them gets transformed into crystals. The crystallized water can then be taken out form the fruit or vegetable which in turn lessens the weight drastically. It typically becomes 1% to 2% of the original. In spite of it, just 10% nutrition is lost. Besides, the original taste of the vegetables and fruits also remains intact.

Other USPs of such technologically modified produce are that they are easy to carry about and can be restored to their original form in case if someone wants to.

So far apple and banana, among other fruits, alongside corn have been processed successfully via the lifelisation technology.

Processing an unit of 100 kg fruits leveraging the lifelisation technology is estimated to cost just about Rs.2.5 crore, says Sanjay Kumar. So far the technology is yet to be commercialized.

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