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Technology Channelizes for Leading Health Industry Security, Safe Efforts

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Published on : Feb 19, 2015

Under the 50 groundbreaking initiatives taken on the safety and security efforts highlighted on the CSO’s annual list, 11 of them have been recognized as the leading endeavors in the healthcare industry and 8 have been known in the top 20. 

However, in specific four efforts were ranked among the top 10 on the list. The news covered all the leading four initiatives earlier on Wednesday. 

The social media efforts by BCBS of North Carolina’s in regards to both the network utilization and data loss have pushed out its brand, reports CSO. This health insurance company used technology updates and other vital employee education efforts to make sure its strategy would remain intact. The company ranked at number 10 on the list.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois uses big data visualization to detect cyber threats. In 2014, the company used software and operational intelligence to enhance its advanced threat detection efforts. CSO says that the company has weeded out the previously unknown cyber threats based on the historical data. BCBS of Illinois, Texas, Montana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma is at number nine on the list. 

Similarly, the Atlantic Health System’s protecting nuclear and radiological materials ranks at number five on the CSO’s list. 

The NJ based health system in partnership with the National Nuclear Security is operating to maintain its radioactive materials safe from any harm, added CSO. 

The technology that is implemented is based on various factors. These include radiation detection systems, intrusion/tamper detection systems, remote monitoring systems, and duress alarms. 

Based on the 12 test attempts in order to access the Atlantic’s laboratory blood irradiator and cancer center HDR room, none have been successful since 2013.  

Lastly, the Aetna’s secured email program paired with a domain-based message authentication. This helps the health care insurance company giants mitigate the risk of misusing the emails sent to customers from Aetna, CSO notes. The first three days of the DMARC implication had blocked 188,000 emails from delivery and nearly after 45 days the number had bumped to 597,000 emails. 

Event the Texas Health Resources efforts were recognized at number 37 for its healthcare-centered threat management initiative.

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