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Taiwanese IC Firms Target Automotive Display Sector

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Published on : Mar 03, 2015

Companies belonging to Taiwanese IC on Sunday announced that their first and foremost aim in the current year will be to gain a share of the fast developing automotive display chip market. HIS, a research organization based in the United States has stated that the shipments of automotive displays increased to 87.3 million units last year, a 33 per cent year on year. The gross output value rose 26 per cent to an estimated US$848 million. 

Market analysis by IHS shows that after smartphones, automotive applications have been identified to be the second largest market when it comes to small to medium sized display panels. On the other hand, HIS indicated that last year, the global market for smartphone displays rose 4 per cent to an estimated US$1.2 billion. 

Among those companies based in Taiwan who wish to acquire a significant share of the IC market for automotive display, Focal Tech Systems informed that the company is already on its way to obtaining the necessary product certifications. Focal Tech Systems is also hoping to begin shipping ICs for the use of automotive panels before this year is over. 

The revenues of Himax Display, as far as automotive display IC is concerned, rose by 50 per cent in the year 2014. This aided in boosting the overall sales of the company in terms of ICs for small as well as medium sized panels by 7.4 per cent on the year. Himax Display stated that even though it had braced for a 15 to 20 per cent drop in orders of tablet computer and smartphone panel ICs in the first quarter of last year owing to weak demand from China, the hope is that the automotive display ICs segment witnesses modest growth.