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T.rex Did Not Sprint; It Walked

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Published on : Jul 27, 2017

Dinosaurs have always been a topic of fascination of humans since they first gained knowledge about their existence. What excited them more is the movie Jurassic Park. Significant research is being done to decipher certain facts about dinosaurs. T.rex or tyrannosaurus.rex is considered to be one of the mightiest dinosaurs to have ever walked on the surface of the earth. Several debates have been ignited to come ascertain features and the habitat of T.rex. Lately, the scientists from the University of Manchester have employed a new computer imitation for assessing the velocity of the enormous biped.

What next?

In light of T. rex's muscles alone, the model thought of the extreme speed of 30km/h, however this fell to 20km/h when the skeletal quality was surveyed as well. Had it stimulated from an energetic stroll to a run, the dinosaur's legs would have cracked under the heaviness of its body.

Professor William Sellers said that the T.rex is one of the most favorite dinosaurs of all. The never ending debate between paleontologists has gained hype as to how fast it could sprint as this would state them about the style of hunting of the T.rex and how it caught hold of its prey. This project employed an extremely lifelike computer simulation to project the movement of the T.rex. The project revealed that it would have been an impossible task for it run as its skeleton wasn’t strong enough to help it run or sprint.

Fossil evidences have already provided researchers with the hint that the mighty rex was as not as agile as Hollywood has portrayed it till now. 

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