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Surging Demand for Personal Care Packaging Solutions Stems from Asia Pacific

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Published on : May 09, 2016

The personal care packaging market is greatly dependent on the growth of the personal care products market for increased sales. Thankfully, the latter market has shown no indications of slowing down. In fact, over the past few years, the global market for personal care products has expanded rapidly owing to the surging demand for hair care and skin care products. The steady demand, mainly from developed nations, has supported the worldwide market for personal care packaging. However, the growing demand from developing nations in the regions of the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Latin America is anticipated to have a much bigger role to play in the development of the personal care packaging market over the next few years. 

Multi-billion Dollar APAC Personal Care Packaging Market to Emerge as Strong Contender

Major countries in the Asia Pacific region, such as India and China, have been witnessing a strong rise in industrialization and urban infrastructure. This has positively impacted the growth of the Asia Pacific as well as global market for personal care packaging over the past decade. Supported by the surge in GDP of several dynamic countries and the increasing purchasing power of the consumers in this region, the Asia Pacific personal care packaging market is anticipated to grow substantially and emerge as a strong contender in the global scenario. 

Alarming Pollution Levels in APAC Indirectly Impacting Demand for Packaging Solutions

Another factor that has helped the market in this region is the improving standards of living pf the people in Asia Pacific. The urban population, especially, has become increasingly aware of the negative impact of pollution on their appearance and have been taking the necessary steps to address these issues. The alarming levels of pollution in a number of Asia Pacific countries have, as a result, positively driven the personal care products market, particularly the hair care and skin care products. This, in turn, has boosted the demand for personal care packaging solutions.