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Surgery performed while the patient sings through the procedure

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Published on : Jun 17, 2014

Alama Kante, a professional singer had to undergo surgery to remove a tumor from her throat. To prevent any damage to her vocal chords she sung though her surgery.

Damage to the vocal chords is always a major risk when it comes to throat surgeries.

Alama Kante is a Guinean singer who is based now in France. She was administered a local anesthetic and given hypnotherapy to help with the pain during her throat surgery in Paris. The singer was nervous about her voice and she became the first patient in the world to sing through a throat surgery.

The surgery was performed by the head of intensive care and anesthesia department at Henri Mondor hospital, Professor Giles Dhonneur. In a recent press conference he showed the video where he performed the surgery while the patient Kante was singing during the procedure.

The singer had a parathyroid gland tumor. However, because the singer sang through the critical moments in the surgery, the surgeon was sure that it was going well. There was the risk that one slip of the surgeon’s scalpel could have destroyed her singing voice.

According to the surgeon this was the first attempt at removing a tumor using this technique. Usually, the whole surgery is carried out when patient is under general anesthetic. According to a report, the pain of such a surgery is intolerable and only hypnosis can make the pain bearable. According to the hypnotist who used this therapy on Kante, the singer went into a trance listening to his words and went to a long way away to Africa and began singing.

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