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Supermarket Costcutter in U.K. to be First in Enabling Payment through Finger Tip Veins

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Published on : Sep 20, 2017

A supermarket in the U.K. has become the first in the history of the world to let shoppers buy their groceries by paying through their finger tip veins. This store is called Costcutter and is located at Brunel University in London. Sthaler is behind this technology and is in with serious talks with other supermarkets in the country to enable hi-tech finger vein scanners at pay points. Infrared is used for scanning the finger veins of the people and then the biometric map which is unique to each, is lined to their bank cards, deducting the appropriate amount. The bank details are stored with payment provider Worldpay, much the same way as we store card details in an online shopping website. Shoppers can thus, come to supermarkets without having anything on them (except their hands of course!)

Vein Scanners Biometric System Cannot be Stolen and Copied, claims Sthaler

While previously fingerprint recognition technology which were being used on mobiles were labeled vulnerable and risky as finger smears were left on the mobile screens, the technology developed by Sthaler is secure biometric identification method and cannot be stolen and copied, the firm claims. Vein scanners are being used for accessing the high security buildings in the U.K. such as the police buildings as well as for authorizing trade in a few British investment banks. However, the technology being adopted for a supermarket is happening for the first time. The firm claims to be in discussion with gyms, nightclubs, and even Premier League football clubs after the success of its use in Costcutter supermarket. This will help check if the right people are getting access to the VIP hospitality areas.

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