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Sugar tax hopes to control obesity in children

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Published on : Jun 24, 2014

According to a campaign organization the U.K. government should introduce ‘sugar tax’ to control obesity in childhood.

Action on sugar products has led to a seven-point plan which will discourage children from eating or drinking foods which have high levels of sugar added to them. The campaign aims to bring out measures which will help to cut down the amount of added sugar in foods by at least forty percent by the year 2020. The group wants to cut down fat in foods and ban any sports sponsorship by fast food companies.

Upon hearing about the demands of the campaign group, the Department of Health stated they will consider these recommendations.

The group is called ‘Action on Sugar’ and it consists of specialists who are concerned with the sugar intake and its ill effects on health. According to the group one out of five children in U.K. are now obese, while one out of three are overweight.

The group has proposed that there should be a ban on all forms of targeted marketing of over processed, unhealthy drinks and food for children. The fat amount should be reduced by 15 percent by 2020. The availability of unhealthy, over processed food should be limited. There should be a sugar tax to promote healthier food. These are some of the measures from the seven proposed measures demanded by the group.

According to a cardiologist and science director it was really shameful that the food industry spends billions for advertising junk food for children.

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