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Success of Fevipiprant may Make Inhalers a Thing of Past for Asthmatic Patients

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Published on : Aug 08, 2016

Recently, scientists in the UK have come up with a new pill that will lower the asthma severity in individuals. As per a study published on Friday in the journal Lancet Respiratory Medicine, the researchers in the Leicester University have stated that the patients who consumed Fevipiprant, a new drug, demonstrated a fall in their symptoms such as lowering of inflammation of the lungs and enhancement of lung functioning. In addition, it has also been found this drug may assist in repairing the lining of the airways of the patients. 

Reduced Intake of Oral Steroids to Improve Health of Asthmatic Individuals

This new drug may change the face of asthma in the coming years, as stated by the Chris Brightling, a lead author. The author also stated that this drug could prove to be really effective in reducing the individuals from taking oral steroids. Individuals might actually stop consuming those drugs, which in turn might make a great difference in their health.

As per the Director of Research and Policy of the Charity organization Asthma, named Samantha Walker, this research has shown a great potential and should be taken as quite promising. In addition, the possibility of consuming just a pill in lieu of utilizing an inhaler will be greatly welcomed amongst the 5.4 mn individuals having asthma in the UK alone, as per Samantha. 

Lesser Inflammatory Blood Cells in Patients Consuming Fevipiprant 

These researchers also studied sixty patients having severed asthmatic conditions in spite of the use of steroid inhalers and these patients went regular inspection done by specialists. Amongst these, 30 were prescribed Fevipiprant for a period of 3 months and this was in addition to their consumption of their regular intake of medicines. The other 30 patients consumed placebo pill in place of Fevipiprant. Amongst all these patients, the patients who consumed Fevipiprant were found to have lesser inflammatory blood cells in their airways and phlegm, as per this study.

However, researchers also stated that this study was just a step forward toward bigger studies as well as long- term trials. These bigger studies are a must to demonstrate and check if this pill can be utilized my asthmatic patients in their day-to-day lives.

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