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Stylish Photographs and Million Followers Help Food Instagrammers Turn their Accounts into Profession

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Published on : Nov 18, 2015

Like an increasing number of Instagram users, Emily Morse, Gillian Presto, and Natalie Landsberg frequently posted photos on Instagram of what they ate. It was only after their shared account @New_Fork_City took off, they found nearly 500,000 followers and soon followed free restaurant meals for reviewing, gigs to curate food for a music festival, as well as an offer to create a special cookie-dough flavor of their own. 

The three girls are 19 years old and at present have started their college. While the Instagram has started paying them, their modest social media income fails to suffice their tuition bills. However, this did not deter their parents from buying US$15,000 worth trademark for the name New_Fork_City and create for their daughters a limited liability company. One of the parents said that they did this so that if they ever come across an opportunity in the near future, they could figure out a financial business model, since with the official registration of their trademark they now have their company listed. 

Posting photos of sumptuous meals have become trend in Instagram. Many have also successfully garnered six-figure followings by posting over-the-top stylish photographs of food. The trend has created such a buzz, that many have also turned their accounts into full-time or part-time professions, earning as much as US$350 for posting a flattering image of the food in their profile. 

Speaking about the latest trend, director of media strategy at LFB Media, Helen Zhang said that nowadays an increasing number of people are making their decision about where to go for dining by following the updates on their Instagram feed. Even the hospitality industry cannot ignore the growing significance of having a positive online review on Instagram and elsewhere. 

Communications and brand director at Altamarea Group, Olivia Young said that people eat with their eyes. If paying only a couple of hundred of bucks to one person, helps them spread information about the food they serve to potentially 500,000 people, they do not mind investing that meagre an amount.