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Study Shows that Organic Food Eaters are Exposed to Very Low Rates of Pesticides

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Published on : Feb 10, 2015

Several researches that are comparing conventional produce with organic produce have focused on nutrient amount. However, a new study from the Washington University researchers has confirmed with their results that the logical conclusion is that people who eat organic food are exposed to a very less amount of pesticides. This study was one of the largest studies in this sector. The study examined dietary exposure of over 4400 people whose pesticides are used on food and the result showed that those who eat conventional producer tend to have doubled the amount of pesticides to those who eat organic produce on a regular basis.

According to a professor at the Boise State University, if people tell the professor the type of food he can find out the amount of pesticides they are likely exposed to. The professor further stated that this study shows that by eating organically grown food the pesticide residue in the body makes a quite significant difference.

However, according to Dr. Musgrave, a senior lecture at the University of Adelaide this study has not convinced the difference in a meaningful manner. Even though, the people who eat conventional food regularly the double amount of pesticides found in their urine is below safety level. In addition, the doctor stated that if the amount of the pesticides these people get exposed is observed, it will be noted that it is 1000 fold below eh estimated safety levels of pesticide exposure.

According to the Chairman of Organic Federation of Australia, Adam Wilson, these risks are negligible. He commented the testing of chemicals for human safety is proved historically according to the LD50 test. And the lethal dose at 50 per cent of the amount rats dies.

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