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Study Shows Eating Fish Weekly Leads to Increased IQ

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Published on : Dec 22, 2017

A study reveals that what one eats at dinner could decide how sound could one sleep at night. While certain food keeps people awake at night, others help people sleep. Findings from a research indicate that children who eat fish at least once in every 7 days are more likely to sleep better and have higher IQ.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid also Leads to Sound Sleep

A study that was conducted by the Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found out that kids benefited from eating fish. They are benefited with higher IQ, on an average by four more points than those who did not eat frequently.

As the scientists note that this is not the very first time when omega-3 fatty acids that is found mostly in fish, have been found to enhance sleep and improve IQ. However, this has been the very first research that directly links eating fish and higher IQ together.

For the purpose of the research, 541 children from China from the age group of 9 to 11 years answered a few questions about how frequently they ate fish over a 4 week period. The option of fish eating frequency included from never to at least once in the entire week. Then, the participants of the study took to what is called the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised. It is an IQ test from China that gauges non-verbal and verbal skills of a child.

To assess how well or sound children slept during the night, parents had to fill in the questionnaires that calculated for how long the kid slept and as well as if there were any daytime fatigue or evening disturbances. 

The team then concluded that the kids who ate fish weekly achieved an IQ score that is 4.8 points more than those who never or hardly included fish in their diets. Children who occasionally had fish made an IQ score of 3.3 more points. Besides, the food was also connected with sound sleep quality. Kids who ate fish experienced lesser disturbances over the night.