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Study Reveals Price of Insulin has tripled in Last Decade

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Published on : Apr 05, 2016

Continuous glucose monitoring, better known as CGMS, refers to the real time monitoring of glucose levels at regular intervals with the help of portable glucose monitoring systems. Glucose level in human body is also determined by blood glucose meters but they measure the glucose levels in the blood. With the help of wireless technology, portable blood glucose monitoring devices transmit glucose readings collected from the interstitial fluid between skin cells. 

According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), around 382 mn people were diagnosed with diabetes across the globe in 2013. By 2035, the total number of diabetics over the world is expected to reach a staggering 592 mn. Type I diabetes is the most common form of diabetes among adults. In the U.K., about 10% of the total diabetic population suffers from type I diabetes. Continuous glucose monitoring systems have been identified as the most effective tools for diabetes management for type I diabetes where patients are insulin dependent. However, unfavorable reimbursement policies might restrict the demand for continuous glucose monitoring systems. The continuous glucose monitoring market has a huge scope to grow with the development of continuous glucose monitoring devices based on non-invasive techniques.

Insulin Price Shoots, Other Diabetes Drugs Cost Even or Lower

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Melbourne and the University of Michigan have found out that over the last decade, the price of insulin has tripled. Insulin is a lifeline for patients suffering from diabetes. In the U.S., the three-fold rise in the cost of insulin has led the overall industry to look at the cost-effectiveness of non-insulin therapies. It is interesting to note that the cost of other diabetes drugs has remained constant or has gone down.