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Studies Resulted in Reduced Risks of Heart Attack Using Canakinumab Drug

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Published on : Aug 30, 2017

A trial of the canakinumab drug that was basically created by a pharmaceutical company, Novatis with the aim to cure rheumatoid arthritis could speak to the greatest achievement in treatment since the appearance of statins to bring down cholesterol. The study detailed a 15% lessening in the danger of a recurring heart attacks among patients. However others doubted the viability, symptoms and cost of the medicine. Patient who are the regular user of the drug had an escalated danger of possibly lethal infections. Nonetheless, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) said that the long-awaited trail of the drug is still capable of helping save lives.

Fatal Infections after the Usage of Drugs Becomes a Concern

Heart disease patients are routinely given statins to lower the cholesterol levels and blood-thinning medications to decrease the danger of recurring attacks. The study comprised of 10000 patients who had one heart attack earlier, and were treated with the newly discovered anti-inflammatory medicine once in every three months. The patients were monitored for four years, over 40 countries. The researchers found that the results were extremely positive and the risk for the heart attacks were reduced significantly, as compared to the patients who take just statins. But, the patients were also more prone to suffer from sepsis and some really fatal infections as well. This currently is a point of concern for the researchers. The results of the study were proposed in Spain, in a European Society of Cardiology meeting in Barcelona.