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Stempeutics Research to Launch Stem Cell Device in India Next Year

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Published on : Oct 15, 2015

Stempeutics Research, a stem cell company, is planning on launching Stempeutron, its unique stem cell medical device in India by mid 2016, depending on regulatory approvals. 

The device is likely to be priced at US$ 50,000. It can acquire a host of cells called the stromal vascular fraction from fat tissues and can be later used to treat osteoarthritis, breast augmentation surgery, and diabetic foot ulcer. 

Chief executive officer and managing director of Stempeutics Research B N Manohar said that the company plans on launching the innovative device Stempeutron by the middle of 2016 in India. As soon as the company receives its regulatory nod, the device will be launched in several hospitals across India before it hits the international market. 

Stempeutics is in search of a strategic partner who will help in globalizing the company as well as marketing the novel device in the country and internationally. 

Stempeutron, the unique stem cell medical device, will first be launched in India. After that, it will launched in South East Asia, followed by Europe and the United States. Chief executive officer B N Manohar added that the estimated selling price of these devices is likely to be around US$ 1,000. 

Manohar said that the company has already received the green signal from Cipla to either enter into a partnership with a leading player for the commercialization of the device or to sell the product. 

The Stempeutics Research managing director said that as a country, India is usually importing medical devices. The development of the Stempeutron is considered to be a massive achievement for the company because it is the first medical device that has been indigenously manufactured and is based on an innovative technology and process. 

When it comes to SVF applications, there is a US$ 30 billion treatment potential around the world.