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State-run 5G Network in the U.S. A Strong Possibility

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Published on : Jan 29, 2018

The U.S. president Donald Trump’s hardline nationalist rhetoric has meant tremendous focus on national security too. This has led to his national security team finding means to thwart the threat from China spying on phone calls in the country and also the ongoing construction of the super-fast 5G wireless network.

As per an official, currently the roadmap for the ramp up in precautionary measures is being charted and in six to eight months’ time will be taken up by Trump himself for consideration.

Idea Emerges Due to Rising Threat from China’s Spying Tactics

The concept of 5G network is perceived as the biggest threat to the cyber security in the nation, which can eventually destabilize the economy.

To tackle the challenge, the national security team wants a state-controlled 5G network. In fact, documents reveal that the team is lobbying for a secure centralized 5G network in three years’ time. This would also help build a secure avenue for communications for self-driving cars, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and other upcoming sophisticated technologies.

However, how it would be built remains a big question. At present, while some officials feel the government should build the entire network, others feel telecom companies should build it as a part of a consortium.

However, for the latter, a pressing concern is China’s rising presence in the manufacture and operation of wireless networks. A proper government effort could help the U.S. compete on that front.

A 5G network can accord much faster speeds, greater capacity, and much lesser response times, making it ideal for self-driving cars and remote surgeries.