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Startup Works on Offline Data Transfer between Mobile Phone Devices

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Published on : Aug 17, 2017

Tony Fadell, a Lebanese-American serial inventor, entrepreneur, and angel investor, who is popularly known as “one of the fathers of the iPOD” at Apple, is preparing to take the tech domain by storm yet again. This time around, he is planning to change the way enormous amounts of data are transferred between mobile phone devices.

To do so, Tony Fadell has lent his backing to a California-based startup called Keyssa that is now partnering with the likes of Samsung Electronics and Hon Hai Precision Industry, which is Foxconn's parent company, to develop a new technology that would enable mobile phone devices to transfer large volumes of data sans wires or WiFi connections.

New Technology to Do Away with Unwieldy Cable Connectors

So far, Keyssa has gathered over $100 million from Fadell and the venture arms of Intel Corp. and Samsung, among others, for the latest technology it plans to develop. It is called "kiss" technology. The technology would let two computing devices placed near on another to transfer files almost the size of full-length movies in a jiffy.

The primary idea behind it is to eliminate the use of unwieldy and large cable connectors inside devices such as laptops and phones, which are getting lighter and thinner by the day. If it succeeds, Keyssa would leverage wireless data transfer technique in other types of devices as well.

Earlier, in October 2016, Keyssa had announced that it had worked with Intel Corp to come up with kiss technology for two-in-one touch screen laptops. This time around, the venture with Samsung and Foxconn is meant for smartphones.