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Startup Assures Compressed Air Technology at Half Cost of Batteries

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Published on : Aug 09, 2017

Hydrostor, a Toronto-based energy storage startup, has shaken hands with AECOM, an American engineering company, in Australia to target opportunities in its national electricity market (NEM). Hydrostor has claimed that its Terra energy storage solution could complete the task at only half the total cost of grid-scale batteries. Furthermore, the company has said that it could offer backup network capacity as good as a new natural gas plant.

Working with AECOM, the company has been eying South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland to deploy Terra and evaluate the Australia market. The technology has been expected to employ surplus electricity to compress air and store underground in a specially constructed tank. The company has claimed it could offer the lowest installed cost per kWh for bulk energy storage, which includes pumped hydro.

Terra Uses Heat Generated by Compressors in Place of Natural Gas

Hydrostor Terra has been anticipated to set itself apart from other systems of compressed air storage by engaging the heat produced by compressors instead of natural gas. The heat is then stored in a thermal management system. The company has said the technology is a good fit to the energy storage market in Australia as it could lower emissions, add flexibility via long duration dispatchable capacity and fast ramp rates, and offer essential stabilizing services such as voltage control, system strength, and inertia.

A company statement has said that the technology can support quite a few significant outcomes defined in a report by Dr. Alan Finkel on the future security of the NEM.