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Sports and Academics: Brazilian Legend Ronaldo Planning to Open 3 Soccer Schools in China

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Published on : Nov 16, 2015

Earlier in September 2015, Brazilian football legend Ronaldo announced that he is planning to open 3 soccer schools in China to add football knowledge for the children. As sports are an important part of academics for children, Ronaldo plans to contribute by educating the children with soccer techniques. Ronaldo has planned to open three soccer schools in China in three cities including Beijing, the national capital and Shanghai, the financial hub, by the end of 2015. Mianyang would be the third city where one of the soccer schools will be planned. According to Paulo Swerts, the manager of Ronaldo’s soccer schools in China, the schools will be operative from December 2015. Ronaldo will be targeting some other cities in China to open soccer schools by the end of 2015.

Ronaldo arrived in China yesterday with his business partner Carlos Wizard Martins to promote a soccer event that was held in one of the local schools. Paulo stated that they are planning to cooperate with almost 30 schools across China by offering soccer coaching staff. Ronaldo, through his Ronaldo Academy, will be aiming to target middle schools in China to spread soccer education. The Ronaldo Academy is co-founded by Carlos and Ronaldo. The Ronaldo Academy is expected to operate around 100 soccer schools across the globe by 2020. Amongst the 100 soccer schools, eight are planned to be operated in Brazil, China, and the United States this year.  

Ronaldo, the world famous Brazilian football player is planning to educate hundreds of children with his football techniques. Ronaldo retired from international football in February 2011 and since then is working on establishing soccer schools in different countries across the globe. This time, in China, Brazil, and the U.S, with eight soccer schools, Ronaldo is planning to develop his academy ahead. 39-year-old Ronaldo has plans to open 30 soccer schools in China in coming few years. 

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