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Special Robot for Children Battling Isolation due to Chronic Illness

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Published on : Aug 14, 2017

Children afflicted with chronic illness, not just lose out on the academic front, but also have to cope with isolation from their schoolmates and peers, something that often leads to psychological problems. While it is possible to bring them up to speed with other children of their class when it comes to studies with private tuitions, there is hardly any solution for their mental condition resulting from severe loneliness.

To help address this problem, Karen Dolva, co-founder of the Norwegian startup “No Isolation,” spoke to children having various health conditions and then found a solution – a telepresence robot named AV1.

Robot Creates Immersive Classroom Experience

AV1 is meant to assist children to take part in class and keep in touch with their school friends, from within the confines of their homes or hospital beds. AV1 can be directed by the child via an app.

The AV1 robot consists of a plain white bust and is somewhat akin to a sci-fi robot. It has been designed to sit on a vacated classroom desk and acts as ears and eyes of the ill child at home in the bed. It offers a 360-degree view of the classroom and helps to create an immersive experience for the child.

Not just that, the AV1’s head emanates blue light when the child wants to ask a question and even enables him/her to speak to a student nearby through a whispering mode.

Though not exactly a breakthrough innovation, it definitely is a good initiative that can go a long way. Already, AV1s are seeing uptake in Scandinavia and Holland. Going forward, the founders expect its popularity to surge.