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Speakers worth US$200 Unveiled by Roku, Specially Made For Roku TV

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Published on : Jul 17, 2018

Roku entered the speaker business with a recent announcement made regarding the launch of Roku TV Wireless Speakers.

More Insights into the Launch of Roku Speakers

As per Mark Ely, the company’s vice president of product management, Roku is attempting to address a growing consumer problem. And this problem deals with worsening sound in TV’s that are get thinner by the day. To tackle this issues, customer may need purchase a soundbar or even create an elaborate home theater setup. However, there are many consumers who might find this process confusing or intimidating.

To solve this problem, Roku has come out with wireless speakers that are specially made for Roku TVs. These TVs are a part of the company’s lineup of partner-built smart television devices. According to Ely, the speakers deliver premium sound in a really compact package. And the speakers are available at an affordable price. These devices have a height of about seven inches tall and weigh four pounds each, thus being significantly heavy.

As per the company, the speakers can be connected wirelessly with Roku TV by using Roku Connect. And as the company deals with both audio and video controls, they can ensure that the sync can be done perfectly, without any lag. The speakers come with automatic volume leveling to lower the sound or increase it as per the need, depending on loud scenes or very quiet moments, respectively.

According to Ely, the product takes advantage of Roku’s acquisition of the audio startup Dynastrom last year. The company’s goal has always dealt with providing spectacular quality audio to customers, thus existing as a proper center of excellence. The speakers also come with Roku Touch, which is designed using fully giving up the benefits of a regular remote. Users can press and hold to deliver voice commands.