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SpaceX Launch Confirmed Successful Third Time Around

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Published on : Jul 06, 2017

Following being hit twice by last-second delays on Sunday and Monday, the Falcon 9rocket was finally launched with success, by SpaceX from the Kennedy Space Center. The third launch occurred on Wednesday evening, carrying a heavy payload of a new high-powered Intelsat communications satellite. This is also the third successful launch by SpaceX in the past two weeks.

Tough Days for SpaceX

The third launch day for Falcon 9 marked the end of a particularly grueling set of days for the members of SpaceX. They first had to recover the massive Dragon cargo ship that has splashed into the Pacific Ocean on Sunday. The ship contained a payload of over 4,100 pounds of samples as a part of various experiments conducted throughout a month long venture at the ISS. It was only after the Dragon was recovered that SpaceX officials could give the green signal for the first launch of Falcon 9. The launch was later stopped merely ten seconds before liftoff due to errors in the pre-launch checks. The second launch on Monday was halted for similar reasons again at the T-minus 10-second mark.

SpaceX Takes a Day Off

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, maintained that he would rather allow the teams review critical systems and telemetry rather than plan for a 4th of July launch. He mentioned in a tweet that there was only one chance to get it right. The Falcon 9 was finally cleared for launch on Wednesday morning. It began its ascent that evening off the iconic 39A launch pad from the KSC.