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Soyabeans, in the Same Way as Estrogen, Help in Warding off Brittle Bones in Women

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Published on : Nov 02, 2015

As per a recent study, sticking to an oriental diet may prevent the female population from developing bones that are too brittle, which is invariably an after-effect of menopause, as per scientists. Soyabeans are a staple food in Asian cuisines and contain important chemicals very similar to the female hormone, named estrogen, as per researchers. This plays a very crucial part in maintaining bone health as bone health deteriorates immensely after menopause, resulting in boning thinning conditions such as osteoporosis in women.

As per British researchers, chemicals named isoflavones that exist in soyabeans have similar qualities as that of estrogen and hence provide protection against bone weakening. Hence, the oriental cooking including Japanese and Chinese food may help prevent osteoporosis and similar conditions.  Osteoporosis is very common and affects approximately 3 mn British adults, majority amongst them are women, and results in 300, 000 admissions in the hospitals per year. Many researchers at the University of Hull examined 200 women having an early menopause and they were given soy protein tablets for about six months. Half amongst them were given a pill having only soy-protein, while the other half was given isoflavones filled tablets, having around 66 milligrams of isoflavones.

Afterwards, the scientists measured the amount of proteins, named P1NP and ßCTX. These two proteins are indicators of bone density both before and after the study was over. The results depicted that the ones given isoflavones pills, after 6 months of consumption, have healthier bones and were at a reduced risk for heart diseases and estrogen was also responsible for the same. The head researcher, named Dr Thozhukat Sathyapalan, also a lecturer in endocrinology which is the study of hormone related illnesses, stated that both soy protein and isoflavones are effective and safe for enhancement of bone density in women in case of early menopause.  In men, even a small quantity of the male hormone called testosterone gets converted into estrogen and hence protects men from this condition. Thus, lower the testosterone, the higher is the osteoporosis amongst the male population.