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Southeast Customers of AT&T Suffer Disruptions in Wireless Service because of Hardware Issues

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Published on : Aug 06, 2015

Due to certain hardware complications and issues, customers in the Southeast suffered problems in the wireless service a few days back. This problem was observed in the wireless network of AT&T. As per the latest reports, a wide customer base in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and Indiana were also affected majorly. 

Moreover, the effects of such as breakdown in the hardware also created problems for the Verizon Wireless customers in addition to the AT&T customers. The other customers who faced the problem were those of US Cellular, Sprint, and even T-Mobile US. Almost every affected customer expressed their frustration and grievance over the social media and let out their frustration towards the disrupted service. 

According to sources at AT&T, the wireline and the wireless service in most parts of Southeast have been repaired and restored. The company engineers successfully completed the repairs and as of now the service is running smoothly. A concerned senior official at AT&T also stated that the company will investigate the reasons that led to such a major breakdown in service and service quality. It was also revealed that the problem had begun early afternoon. However, it was resolved by evening. AT&T is as of now the one and only one provider of the wireless service in this region and most of the other carriers and service providers depend immensely on AT&T’s fiber and the wireline network for any type of backhaul. 

According to Verizon, the outage had lasted for almost five hours. And that the engineers could effectively identify the problem and also subsequently solve the issue and restore the service. Sources stated that the problem that came up was due to defects on two of the routers with some 3rd party vendor, whose name was not revealed.